Landsvirkjun Power assists with 223 MW Changuinola Hydroelectric Project in Panama

21. July 2011

In February 2011, Landsvirkjun Power signed an agreement with Changuinola Civil Works (CCW) JV of Panama to provide expert assistance in the final construction phase and commissioning of the 223 MW Changuinola hydroelectric project in Panama. CCW JV is owned by Pihl & Sön and MTHöjgaard of Denmark and is in consortium with Alstom, Brazil, which furnishes all electro-mechanical equipment. Owner and developer of the plant is AES of USA and the state of Panama.

The Changuinola hydroelectric Project is located on the Changuinola river in the Province of Bocas del Toro, approximately 500 km northwest of Panama City. The project consists of an 96 m high roller compacted concrete dam with spillway, two diversion culverts, 4 km long headrace tunnel, surge facilities, penstocks, powerstation and tailrace canal, 230 kV switchyard and 35 km power transmission lines. The main powerstation is equipped with 2 Francis units of 107 MW each. Additionally there is a separate small hydro station of 10 MW and an EcoFlow facility next to the dam.

One of our senior electrical experts is permanently at site during the agreement period. The services started in March of 2011 and are to be ended in the autumn of 2011 when commissioning is completed.

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