The Akhalkalaki HPP is co-owned by Landsvirkjun Power and two privately owned Georgian companies. Landsvirkjun Power was an active participant in the early stages of development including feasibility study, tender design, tendering of construction works and procurement of equipment and services. Landsvirkjun Power will continue active involvement throughout the construction phase, which is planned to commence in latter half of 2020, and subsequent commissioning of the project.

The run-of-the river project harnesses flow of two rivers. The two powerhouses, equipped with Francis turbines, are located close to the confluence of the two rivers. Headworks including fish passes and facilities providing ecological flow are constructed on both rivers, diverting the harnessed flow into 3,3 km and 1,9 km long penstocks. Rated discharge is 15,0 m3/s and 2,8 m3/s while the gross head is 61 m and 71 m, respectively. Generated electricity will be connected to a 35kV transmission line.

The project has been permitted by the Georgian Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture (MoEPA). An Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) has been put in place to ensure that the project will be in line with EIB and IFC environmental and social performance standards as well as environmental permit conditions applied by MoEPA. This way, and in close cooperation with local stakeholders, the project will positively impact the local economy and livelihood.

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