380°C and 160 bar pressure

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project is a long term research project with the aim of exploring if it is possible to locate, drill into and utilise supercritical geothermal steam for power generation. The project is funded by a group of Icelandic energy companies and the Icelandic Government with intermittent support from international energy and aluminium companies and from international research funds such as the US National Science Fund, the International Continental Drilling Program and latest from the EU Horizon 2020.

The work has included overall management of the project during IDDP-1 in the Krafla geothermal are as well as tendering of drilling work, supervising drilling operations and testing of borehole geothermal liquid up to 380°C and under pressure of up to 160 bar.

After completion of IDDP-1 in 2011, preparations started for IDDP-2 to be drilled in the Reykjanes geothermal area under direction of HS Orka.  IDDP-2 is to be drilled in 2016.

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