Sisimiut Hydropower Project

The 15 MW Sisimiut hydropower project in western Greenland, north of the town Sisimiut, involves harnessing of the outflow of a natural lake by constructing a headrace tunnel into the bottom of the lake and thus creating a reservoir. The headrace tunnel is 4.1 km long and will feed a 420 m long pressure tunnel to an underground powerhouse, housing two Francis units, each being 7.5 MW.

The harnessed head is 79m and the design flow is 22m3/s. Power is transferred from a GIS substation, using a 26km long 66kV transmission line, to the town of Sisimiut.

Services included:

  • Assistance during commissioning
  • Recommendations in regard to the improvement of operation systems
  • Setting up maintenance and operation programs
  • Training operators and technical management of operations during the one year guarantee period
Project type
Sisimiut, Greenland
15 MW
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