Preparation of a feasibility study and project design

First phase of the work involves site investigations and feasibility study of four hydropower projects on the Tskhenistskali river in North-Western Georgia.  The total capacity is estimated about 350 MW and annual generation about 1744 GWh.  The project is to consist of an upstream storage reservoir connected to the Ludji HPP, followed by two run-of-river projects, Mukhra HPP 60 MW and Lentekhi HPP 81 MW.  Further downstream the Tsageri HPP, 151 MW is planned.  

Second phase of the project involves detail site investigation and project design.  Project design drawings are to be used as basis for tendering the cascade projects.

The work is done in cooperation with Verkís of Iceland and with some sub-consultants in Georgia. The client is the Georgian Co-Investment Fund.

Project type
North-Western Georgia
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