Refurbishment of small hydropower stations

The first contract with UNDP involved the preparation of a feasibility study and a business plan for refurbishment and partly reconstruction of the 5,4 MW Khadori 2 hydroelectric station in NE-Georgia. 

The second contract included technical advisory services to:

  • Update and finalise feasibility studies, business plans, off-take agreements and final design drawings for three small hydropower projects: Khadori 2, Ritseula and Achi
  • Provide construction management oversight on behalf of the investors. 
  • Prepare pre-feasibility studies for four small hydropower schemes. 
  • Reporting to the UNDP. 

The refurbishment projects are in the range of 1-10 MW and some of the pre-feasibility studies are made for projects up to about 20 MW.

Project type
Completed 1/2
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